Closet organization

By Cynthia Alexander ◊

Closet organization

Are you ready to create your dream closet? What an exciting project! Good closet organization can make a world of difference and make your mornings run much smoother. Are you wondering what you might need to consider before you start?

Since this is an investment of time and resources, let me help you create a plan before you begin to assure your success.

What To Consider

First, take a review of your storage needs.

Are you using your closet exclusively to store what you wear?

If so, remove anything that is not going to be stored there before you design your plan. If the cooler from the last campout is still in the back of your space, find a new forever space for it prior to making your final plans. It may seem like a minor point, but it is important.

Do your clothes fit?

Are you going to lose that 20 pounds you gained 10 years ago? If so will you even wear those clothes or will you want new ones? Don’t keep clothes in your closet that do not fit. They are taking up valuable space. If you can’t part with them, then put them in a box or crate and store elsewhere.

Do your clothes have enough space?

Did you know hanging clothes need a depth of about 24 inches to hang properly? Smushing them together on a rack just adds wrinkles. Make sure your clothes have sufficient space.

Are you using the right hangers?

If you are still using metal hangers you get from the dry cleaners, stop! Purchase the thicker plastic hangers or the flocked hangers that keep clothes from slipping off. These help your clothes to hold their shape and last longer with fewer wrinkles.

Do you keep any of your sports equipment in your closet?

If so, create an area where it can be stored efficiently without interfering with your clothes.

Does everything have a designated place?

If you are keeping clothes, shoes, and anything else in your closet, you need to have a designated spot so you know where to put it when it is time to put things away. If necessary, get a label gun out and print labels so you know where to put items.

Are you still having problems with closet organization? You might want to consider hiring a closet designer. A closet designer knows how to maximize your space and assure you are pleased with your new custom closet. Adding trays and drawers in all the right places really help create your dream closet and maximize the space.

You want it to be the best dream closet possible!

Cynthia Alexander author

About the author

I am Cynthia Charleen and I put things in order so you can enjoy your home and get that “aha” feeling when you enter the door. As a professional organizer, I create calm from chaos and you don’t have to worry about what to do with your stuff.

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  1. I’m so glad to see you are getting your skill out to the world, Cynthia! It’s so much needed and often overlooked. While reading, I kept thinking, “Yeah, that’s right.” However, I kept putting off taking that action. That will stop today! Thank you the inspiration 🙂

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