Create Good Habits

By Cynthia Alexander ◊

Create Good Habits

Have you taken time to think about your habits? A habit is like being on autopilot – what are the things you do that you don’t even think about? That can be a good thing when it comes to things like always brushing your teeth after a meal, stopping for warning signs without going through a long thought process, even standing to let an elderly person have your seat on the bus.

What habits do you have that might cause an issue in your office? Perhaps so much clutter that it is hard to find your desk.

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Something as simple as creating a the habit of clearing your desk as you leave for the day can make a difference on how you feel the next morning when you walk in to work. Does having a stack of papers greet you create a sense of anxiety or peace? The answer seems obvious – it creates anxiety in most cases. Here is where you can use:

Stealth Tip #1 – Analyze your surroundings.

Create an environment that removes distraction and does not compete for your attention. Take time at the end of your workday to set up a successful transition into the next morning when you walk in your office door.

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Stealth Tip #2 – Shine a light on your habits.

You have lots of habits that serve you well. Which ones do you want to build on? You can concentrate on taking them to the next level of achievement.

Do you study and read current articles on your industry? Subscribe to a new trade magazine that highlights what you need to know more about. That is a great habit to develop.

Are you consistently on time or do you tend to arrive late to meetings and calls? You can make a silent commitment to yourself to becoming that person who arrives five minutes early instead. Do you see benefits there? Try it for a month and see if people notice.

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Stealth Tip #3 – Don’t be too serious.

Develop the habit of taking time each day to focus and enjoy life. Even in the middle of a big project, taking a few minutes to relax and get a breath of fresh air makes you a better project leader – encourage your team to get out and have a short break. This habit will be one of the best you can develop to make life enjoyable and not all serious.

Do you have habits that you love. Do you have some you need to change? Follow this link to get this free report on 101 Ways To Break Bad Habits and Create New Ones.

It does not have to be the end of the year or the start of a new one to make changes that will serve you in life. Take time to reflect on what you love about yourself and what you would like to change for a better YOU. You are worth the effort.

I would love to hear how this has helped you. Go forth and Achieve Your Best Life!

Hugs, Cynthia Charleen

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I am Cynthia Charleen and I put things in order so you can enjoy your home and get that “aha” feeling when you enter the door. As a professional organizer, I create calm from chaos and you don’t have to worry about what to do with your stuff.

Conquer Bad Habits and Establish New Ones to Become the Best YOU Can Be.


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Habits are an integral part of our lives. Good habits can help us reach our goals and live the life we want to live. Bad habits can interfere with that; causing us to lose focus, have poor health and more. Bad habits can be broken. But breaking them isn’t about stopping the habit. It’s more about replacing it with something better. This FREE Report & Planner pack helps you.


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  1. Once again, Cynthia, you are reminding me to do what I know works that I have been putting off. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Hugging back,

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