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Life is lived easier when you do it one square foot at a time.


I am Cynthia Charleen and I put things in order so you can enjoy your home and get that “aha” feeling when you enter the door.

As a professional organizer, I create calm from chaos and you don’t have to worry about what to do with your stuff.

What does a professional organizer actually do? How do you work? What is different about me? These are frequent questions – the best answer is “It depends.” A general definition of a professional organizer could be a person who likes to organize – or put things in order. That’s me! Do you need someone to help set up your office at home? Do you need a closet put in order? How about someone to help redo the garage so you can actually park your car in it?

How I work – I work to fit your need. In that garage example above, he was recovering from surgery and not able to stand or lift. I did the work, took donations to charity and put the trash to the curb. If you want to work alongside, I am good with that. Do you want to discuss the project with me and return to find it done? I am good with that. Difference?I like to work with clients and help with things they can’t or don’t want to do. My favorite time of the project is seeing the excitement when things are in place and the work is done. I also have colleagues with specialty services….such as hauling stuff away. I actually like going through closets and hanging and folding things. Clients are often surprised how fast things are finished….and the results – well…see for yourself! I’m Cynthia Charleen….the Declutter Queen!

Conquer Bad Habits and Establish New Ones to Become the Best YOU Can Be.


101 Ways to Break Bad Habits & Create Good Ones

Habits are an integral part of our lives. Good habits can help us reach our goals and live the life we want to live. Bad habits can interfere with that; causing us to lose focus, have poor health and more. Bad habits can be broken. But breaking them isn’t about stopping the habit. It’s more about replacing it with something better. This FREE Report & Planner pack helps you.


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"Let’s grab the future by the foot and hold on for an amazing ride!"

~ Cynthia Alexander

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